Glossary of Terms





Web-based information on referral and management pathways helping clinicians to navigate the patient through our complex primary and tertiary health care system within the Hunter and New England region..  HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for General Practitioners but is also available to specialists, nurses and allied health.


Pathway Development Team

The team is a group of clinicians including a GP, Specialist and other health Proferrsional who work together to develop the contents for the referral and management pathway.


Pathway Development Team Content Owner

 The Content Owner is the person who completes the first working draft of a pathway, as much as possible the preferred person for this role is a GP.


Pathway Development Team Coordinator

The Pathway Coordinator is responsible for scheduling meetings, distributing information and feedback to the team 


Pathway Development Team Documenter

The Pathway Documenter attends the face to face meeting and takes details mintues that are given to the Pathway Coordinator for distribution. 


Pathway Development Team Facilitator

There may be one or two facilitors who lead the any face to face Pathway Development Team meetings.




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