This is the project site to support the Hunter and New England HealthPathway contributors.  The site includes supporting material such as minutes and agendas, details on key events, progress on pathway and local resource development.

Hunter and New England HealthPathways is web-based information on referral and management pathways helping clinicians to navigate the patient through our complex primary, community and acute health care system within the Hunter and New England region.  HealthPathways is designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for General Practitioners but is also available to specialists, nurses, allied health and other health professionals.

FactSheet on HealthPathway is available to download.      

Pathway Development

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Evaluation of the HealthPathways Process
HealthPathways is much more than a website: it is a collaborative process for primary and specialist health care professionals to work together to improve patient access to the right care at the right time in the right place. Healthpathways is a vehicle for working together to achieve whole-of-system change.
hne.healthpathways.org.au is the online health information portal aimed at general practitioners, but also useful to hospital specialists, practice nurses andmanagers, and community and allied health providers.


  • provides information on how to assess and manage medical conditions, and how to refer patients to local specialists and services.
  • provides local information about local specialists and services. It also includes information for patients, reference materials, and educational resources. 
  • details the most frequent reasons general practitioners need to refer patients to hospital ambulatory (outpatient) services, community and allied health services, and acute and non-acute care.
  • is dynamic - with new pathways constantly under development and existing pathways regularly reviewed in light of changing evidence, technology, and local circumstances.
  • does not require patient information to be entered.
  • is not designed to be used by patients or general community members. 
Hunter Medicare Local, Hunter New England Health, New England Medicare Local and Little Company of Mary HealthCare are all investing in Hunter and New England HealthPathways. 
This includes ongoing evaluation and improvement of the website and processes that underpin its content. The recommendations from each phase of evaluation inform the direction and development of the Hunter and New England HealthPathways program. 

Evaluation includes:

Hunter and New England HealthPathways Phase 1 Evaluation of Collaborative Development Process
Hunter and New England HealthPathways Phase 2 Evaluation of impact (report available in late 2014)
Hunter and New England HealthPathways Phase 3 Evaluation of outcomes (report available in 2015)
Website Access

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Practice Visits

GP Practice Visits for demonstration of Hunter and New England HealthPathways site is live available now.

A General Practitioner can come to your practice and demonstrate the HealthPathways site.
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